Group members:
Sofi Hellborg – saxophones
Erik Skott – guitar
Goran Abelli – trombone
David Carlsson – bass guitar
Andreas Baw – drums & samplings


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*** Album release spring 2019! ***

The new album is energetic, outgoing and vibrant but also makes room for quiet open parties, elements of electronic textures and challenging rhythms.

View new record teaser here!

Hellskotta is an exciting jazz constellation formed by five different musicians from Sweden with roots in jazz, afro, ethnic and hip hop. The meeting between the musicians with their different backgrounds empties into the outgoing groove jazz where the focus is on the rhythms, moods, melodies and communication.The music is original compositions complemented with loops and samples to create an organic sound.
Hellskotta released their second album “Kuling” in April 2017 on Periferi Records. The album has received many positive reviews.

"Energy and pulse are the words of the new record, and the mood changes. Hellborg is lyrically driven by fancy and tonic solos. Göran Abelli's colourful trombone solos give extra pressure to the ensemble. Skott has a delicious rhythmic phrase."
– Orchestra Journals, June 2017

"What musicians! Just listen to the saxophonist Sofi Hellborg as she leads her band Hellskotta in wild dances on the album Kuling."
– UNT, May 2017

"The music is rich in speech. Skott's melody flow, Abellis calm Solon and Hellborg delicious fits are distinct, but they illuminate and comment on each other."
– Magnus Eriksson, Lira May 2017