About us

Musikcentrum Syd is a non-profit member organization. We are working for the benefit of freelance musicians in the southern parts Sweden. We provide free coaching, networking, and promotional services for our member artists.

The organization was founded in 2013, and is a part of Musikcentrum Riks. Musikcentrum Syd is funded with the support of The Swedish Arts Council and Region Skåne

General inquiries

Telephone: +46 072 559 22 40
E-mail: info[at]musikcentrumsyd.se

our office

Musikcentrum Syd
Bergsgatan 29
214 22 Malmö



Astrid Selling – Executive manager
Telephone: +46 739 880 011
E-mail: astrid.selling[at]musikcentrumsyd.se

Carolina Wiehe Welroos - Communications and project manager
Telephone: +46 725 592 040
E-mail: carolina.wiehewelroos[at]musikcentrumsyd.se

Astrid Selling och Carolina Wiehe Welroos

Astrid Selling och Carolina Wiehe Welroos