Anna Fält performs Scandinavian and Fenno-Ugric tradition as well as own material: ancient spells and incantation texts, herding calls, lullabies, yoik, stories from the forests and the Nordic landscapes.

The feedback most often heard from Anna Fälts audience is “I’ve never heard anything like this before”. And that is true: it’s very rare to hear one human voice, just singing. But it is more than “just singing”: folk singing traditions offer so many ways to use this versatile instrument that no other instruments are needed!

Although Anna Fält considers solo concerts her main work, she also works with various theatre-, performance-, and multidisciplinary projects. The focus is always the many spectrums of folk singing and human voice, whether combined with dance, art, story telling or electronic music.

Anna Fält (b. -84) was born, raised and educated in Finland but has been living in Sweden most of her career. She has degrees in pop/jazz music, folk singing pedagogy and Nordic folk music and works mostly as a solo artist around Sweden and abroad.

She gives workshops and courses, composes music for various performances and is currently also working with folk music research.