Band members:
Fanny Gunnarsson – piano, vocal
Karolina Almgren – soprano saxophone
Kristian Rimshult – double bass
Hannes Olbers – drums


Havtorn Records



Share Your Past – Release 29 mars 2019!

Impressionist and dissonant. Melodic and dynamic. Expressive and playful. Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet let different components reflect and shine in their compositions. The soprano saxophone and the piano unite in strong and powerful melodies that push the music forward or rest calmly on top of the double bass and drums.

“Share Your Past” is Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet's third release and contains four newly composed songs of modern, innovative and creative jazz with pop elements. The music is inspired by how a mood or a memory can be evoked by a certain scent, or by the light when it falls in a certain way. The songs become time capsules that revive past moments over and over again. 

Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet have since the start in 2014 released two full length albums which both have been well received by the press. The second album "Mirrors" was chosen as the best jazz vocal album by the Swedish music journal LIRA in 2017. The debut album "Same Eyes as You", produced by celebrated Swedish pianist Jan Lundgren, was released in 2014 and became the starting point for the band. Share Your Past is Fanny Gunnarsson Quartet’s third release.

“This is new, young, innovative and creative jazz of high class that in its own way wanders along in a rich tradition.”
– Sune Johannesson, Kristianstadsbladet

"The music comes off as heartfelt and genuine, and that’s a big reason it’s so easy to connect with it on the first pass. One of the better albums to grace us, thus far, in 2017."
– Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm