In Moaivi Love Kjellsson is collaborating with Sami-singer Johanna Sevä. Together they are creating modern Sami & Scandinavian music.

“It’s a meeting of two individuals with radically different backgrounds but a common aim of expressing their thoughts and feelings.”

Moaivi’s soundscape is a mix of the joik tradition and the Swedish violin tradition with influences from modern pop, rock and ambient music. The meditative athmosphere is inspired by ancient music which aims to put the audience in contact with their feelings.

The music is describing historical events and is also commenting on modern society and way of life. The compositions are leaving space for improvisation to let the expression of the compositions evolve over time. The music is never constant but played as a reaction or provocation of the moment.

The word Moaivi is Sami language and means chaos or disorder.

Johanna Sevä is a joiker, composer and reindeer keeper from Tuolpukka in Sapmi, which is the northern region of Sweden, Norway and Finland. Educated at the Sami University in Kautokeino and active in the music group Moaivi. Mixing traditional joik with personal ways of singing and modern music as well as with traditional Scandinavian music.

Love Kjellsson is a Swedish musician and composer engaged in exploring the borders of Swedish traditional singing.

“I grew up with traditional Scandinavian music and I´m interested in how old music can be made relevant today. I work a lot outdoors. Exploring how music can be made in relation with the landscape.”

Other projects are:

Barnet which is currently producing a new album and is supported by the Swedish Arts Council.

Knekke Greine is a forest performance merging contemporary circus with traditional music.
Plast is a music performance intermingled with a poetical circus