Lelo Nika

Lelo Nika

Lelo Nika, double winner of the title “Accordion World Champion”, comes from the village of Nikolinci, eighty kilometres north of Belgrade. In 1970, the one year old Lelo moved with his parents to Denmark and settled in Helsingør. Today, Lelo lives in Malmö, in the south of Sweden.

Through the years Lelo Nika has performed and played with several jazz celebrities, among others he has toured with Joe Zawinul (Weather Report) and Randy Brecker.

In time his musical horizon grew versatile and broad.

Today he sees great importance in the mission of preserving and developing the musical traditions that he derives from, as well as in composing new music. Especially the music he is creating with the new ensemble Lelo Nika Septet, TAJJ quartet and the trio he has had for many years together with George Mihalache and Thommy Andersson.

”The music I’m playing with them truly reflects where I’m at right now, musically and as a human being.”

A story of its own and a new musical path.