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Call for participants from Poland, Estonia and Sweden to take part in a development programme for musicians & managers. The programme is funded by the Swedish institute and will be performed in 2019-2020.

Baltic Artists in Development is a programme by Musikcentrum Syd (Malmö, Sweden), Music Estonia (Tallinn, Estonia) and Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Warsaw, Poland). The programme is aiming at self-managed artists and independent artist managers, who already have some experience in the international music scene and seek to develop their international reach and industry know-how. The programme consists of three training events focusing on various music industry topics and local workshops, taking place in all three of the partner organisations’ locations.

The Baltic independent music scene is facing multiple challenges:

  • Artists and professionals need new knowledge and tools to better develop long-term careers; with fanbase, PR, touring, professional worklife etc

  • Organisations need to develop innovative methodologies and tools to offer artists and professionals the support they need

  • We need to create tools that respond to the necessity of life-long learning - as the sectors are changing

How will the programme address these challenges:

  • Collaborative work between artists, managers, national music organisations and the music business

  • Sharing the knowledge from three national markets - Poland, Sweden and Estonia

  • Creating tools for methods and knowledge for practical use around the Baltic sea

Participants can expect to:

  • discover a great deal about the music industry in general and the practice in countries involved

  • extend networks’ among local industry representatives and other participants

  • learn from peers

  • have a revised strategic plan by the end of the programme

  • be part of a programme shaped by the needs of the participants

  • have international travel costs and accommodation in foreign countries covered (economy flights, accommodation in 3* hotels in single rooms. Please note, that the participants will not be given per diem nor fee)

Participants are expected to:

  • communicate well in English (working language)

  • be present at all sessions

  • prepare for the sessions

  • process the new knowledge and experience after each session

  • take part in creating and producing the toolbox


  • 6 - 9 November in Malmö, Sweden. Subjects: planning, sustainable professional life, branding etc.

  • 12 -15 February in Tallinn, Estonia. Subjects: how to collaborate with record labels, publishers, writers and other partners.

  • 27 - 30 May in Warsaw, Poland. Subjects: communication, storytelling, social media etc.

    NB! you have to be able to attend all events.

Who can apply?

  • This is an open call for participants from Estonia, Poland and Sweden. In total, twelve participants - two artists and two managers from each country. We are expecting one individual application per artist team.

  • self-managed artists of the independent*music scene from Sweden, Estonia and Poland that are currently active in the music scene and have some international experience and have an ambition to work and perform in the Baltic Sea area.

  • independent* music managers from Sweden, Estonia and Poland that currently represent artists from their respective countries and have some experience in building international music careers, and have an ambition to work in the Baltic Sea area.

    *By independent we mean artists and artist managers that are not binded with for example a recording contract with a major label, and that are not employed by such.


Quick guide to application/form:

  • please read all the criterias for applying before you start to fill in the form

  • observe that the form can only be completed once. We recommend completing it "in one go”.

  • Deadline for applying is September 16, 23:59 CEST, 2019. Applicants will be contacted by October 1, 2019




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